Nathan WebbHead Coach

    My childhood was not one filled with lots of sports and athletic activities.  I played baseball when I was younger but fell out of the sport during high school for various reasons. I developed an interest in computers during high school and followed through with that interest in College by getting a degree in Computer Science. The downfall of all this was a sedentary lifestyle and weight gain. I was always the bigger kid from a young age and sitting around in front of a computer all day just helped pack on the pounds.

    I decided to make a change my last 2 years at University and got really active. I began running, biking, and swimming. I started cooking for myself and eating out less. I even quit my desk job and started doing manual labor on an Oil Rig in Oklahoma and West Texas. I loved being active and getting stronger, losing the weight was just a happy side effect.

    I met my wife Jessie after college and before getting married we both gave Crossfit a chance at Crossfit Thousand Oaks in California. We were both so impressed at how effective and fun Crossfit was that we were instantly hooked. More importantly, we fell in love with the community we found there. I was so inspired that I got my Crossfit level 1 certification before traveling abroad. I knew I wanted to take this sport and have this community with me wherever I went.

    I was able to put my coaching skills to work both as a personal trainer and later as a coach at Crossfit Quicksand. Amman has provided me with some wonderful opportunities to improve my strength, functional ability, and coaching skills. I am looking forward to giving back to the people of Jordan with my time as head coach at Crossfit Crescent. I love working out with others; the challenge, the competition, camaraderie, and the community. I recently finished my Crossfit Gymnastics and Mobility Certifications.  I look forward to giving this knowledge back to the community in Amman.

    My wife Jessie and I have lived in Amman for over 4 years now and have our daughter Selah and Anders. We love living in Jordan and sharing the sport of Crossfit, combining the two at Crossfit Crescent is a long awaited dream come true.


    CrossFit Level Two

     CrossFit Gymnastics

     CrossFit Kettlebells

     CrossFit Mobility

     Tactical Athlete Instructor Level 1