Chad Foster- Lead CoachLead Coach

    A Coach is Born

    Intensity, variety and community were always things I chased in sports. From all star little league baseball to Varsity team tennis in High School, I knew that the most fulfillment for activity was not found in a conventional gym but in an atmosphere with these vital three components. I discovered functional fitness when I was in college when a buddy invited me to join the local garage gym doing all sorts of new movements I had never seen before. It took but one taste, and then I was hooked.  Little did I know I’d become a coach in a few short years!

    A Coach Rehabs through Functional Fitness

    I later injured my shoulder in an unrelated sports accident. I was under the impression that I could never return to my functional fitness glory days. I looked for suitable alternatives everywhere I could and eventually settled on doing high intensity interval training at the lap pool.  A variety of calisthenics movements mixed in between sprints in the lane and would gas me. I loved it and thought I would do it forever.

    Being a Coach in the Middle East

    Upon moving to the Middle East, I quickly realized that one does not simply perform a swim WOD in the desert. This caused me to look until I found Crossfit Crescent. The professionalism drew me in and the product kept me in. I love the intensity with humility I find in the atmosphere because it grounds me as I enjoy intensity, variety and community that only a functional fitness gym can provide. No mirrors, no egos. Just great results and even better people.

    I’ve had the pleasure of training many people in Jordan and also the Jordan Special Forces.  I love Jordan and look forward to many more years here bringing Intensity with Humility!