Setting Goals at CrossFit Crescent- a Key to Motivation

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We all want more motivation.  But perhaps you are scared to set goals because it hasn’t worked well in the past.  We can help.  We want to help you become the fittest and best version of you!  We want to help you set and achieve the goals that are important to you.  Our motivation in anything in life is tied to seeing progress.  So our first job is to set our minds and hearts towards progressing in some area of our life.  Let’s start with your fitness and health.  Most of the time when we help people with their goals, they start out wanting to talk about their weight and their “breath” here in Amman.  This is an ok goal to start, but a bad goal to finish with.

Your weight tells you so little about your true health.  It’s one of the indicators of true health- but the Fitness Wellness Continuum helps us realize there are so many other ways to evaluate our health.  We suggest you make sure you understand how we at CrossFit Crescent define fitness.  We view weight as an indicator that will fix itself if we focus on the right things- like nutrition and something we call work capacity.

4 Keys to Success  —– Key 1- Have the Right Plan  

 Set SMART Goals





Time Bound

Key 2- Tell your Friends and Family

When we tell those closest to us, it helps firm up our resolve to make a true change.  This helps you communicate what you are really aiming for and forces us to think about why this goal is important to us.

Key 3- Focus on the Benefits 

When we lose those ten pounds of fat, or gain those five pounds of muscle- how will this help you?  How will you feel then?  What about

Key 4- Rewards along the Way

If we can break down our goal properly into smaller steps that we can control, then we can reward ourselves in some way for following through towards our goal.  By accomplishing our small steps towards our big goal, we can know we’re on the right path.

We have developed a google form that can help you walk through this process if you’d like to fill it out.  Please Fill out this Form as it walks you through setting proper goals for your time here with CrossFit Crescent. We know you may have a body image goal, a goal of learning a new CrossFit skill, or a goal of building strength in some area of your body through a particular exercise.

If you’re ready to get started- visit our Programs page and join us for Essentials where through at least ten sessions we will get you jump started in your fitness.  You can also call us at 079 722 8865

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