By running private and personalized Essentials, we ensure the absolute most attention to each of our new clients. This is imperative because each new client will come to us with their own goals, strengths and limitations. In our private model at CrossFit Crescent, we can spend time on the things you personally need, allowing you to adequately prepare for a safe transition to our group classes as fast as possible.

New members will be required to demonstrate a certain level of understanding, readiness, and ability of Essentials prior to graduating and/or joining our Group Classes. Typically people new to Crescent’s philosophy will perform 10-15 sessions before graduating. The necessity and number of sessions required will be decided upon by your and your coach.

Personal training is a great way to lay a solid foundation of proper form and mechanics. It’s also an excellent option for anyone that needs a little technical work on specific movements and/or skills that commonly appear in daily workouts.

Whether you’re looking to get that competitive edge by improving your Olympic Lifting technique, need to Return to Play, or simply wanting a more simplistic approach to experiencing CrossFit, personal training is a powerful tool to achieve life-changing results.

CrossFit Crescent Group Training classes employ an old-school training philosophy of performing functional, full-body movements at varying intensities. Intended to be a fitness program for life, our group classes will get you in the best shape by training all physical skills of the body; not just one or two.

Our one-hour group classes are recommended for all levels of ability. Everyone walking in our doors has a vast range of personal goals and ability levels and the program is infinitely scalable to your ability. We know it looks intimidating, but you will always be led by expert coaches, every class. Our hybrid memberships give you a coach for life who will have regular Personal Training sessions with you to keep you motivated, progressing, and prepared for he future.

We have the space, expertise, and desire to train elite athletes in CrossFit and almost every other sport. We have trained professional MMA Fighters, Olympic Swimmers, and the Jordanian Special Forces. We know how to take the best elements of CrossFit which prepares you for the unknown and unknowable- and make it specific to your sport. Because your sports have known and knowable elements and we will get you ready!

Throughout the year, we will focus training our CrossFit athletes through (5) training cycles. Each cycle is designed to build upon the last, but there is no need to ever go and start at the beginning. New members will jump right in, and stay current with our classes. In every week, we will continue towards the larger goal towards being the “three-headed player” (Strength, Skills, Conditioning), with our training cycles below providing specific progressions, instructions, and programming towards five unique skill sets.

“Silverback” (April – May)
Foundational strength. Silverback aims to lay the groundwork for the season, incorporating squat wave training, overhead strength, and a focus on simply moving better through varied influx of positioning drills.

“Grunt Work” (May – August)
Taking our foundation from Silverback to the next level. Here we aim to build stamina strength into our weekly progressions, building capacity through barbell cycling, stamina squat sessions, and unilateral dumbbell work to improve positioning and correct imbalances.

“Barbell Ninja” (August – October)
Taking out base of strength and stamina to a focus of Olympic speed. A targeted progression not just towards lifting new personal bests on the clean and jerk and snatch, but a focus to dial in mechanics and technique on the Olympic lifts. Olympic accessory work with dedicated clean and jerk/snatch days.

“Gymnasty” (November – December)
Improving body awareness and honing in on movement stamina and quality. Progressions towards the ring muscle-up, bar muscle-up, handstand pushup, and more. A focused progression towards improving our body movement through space.

“Racehorse” (January – February)
Open preparation. Inspired by the internal focus of the racehorse. Dialing in conditioning and targeted skill refinement for the movements tested in the Open.

CrossFit Crescent Kids makes fitness and health fun, setting the stage for a lifelong love of movement.

Your child will gain physical strength and mental awareness. In addition you will also see your child learning new skills, and notice your child makes better food choices, is more focused in school, transitions to new sports easier, and has a reduced risk of sport-related injury.

CrossFit Crescent Kids is a medium through which you will see your children become the best version of themselves possible. The tool we use is physical fitness, but our philosophy is that training CrossFit increases quality of life, both inside and outside the gym – children learn to become leaders and successful human beings.


Our Commitment:

  • We will build your child’s self esteem.
  • We will provide a safe and positive learning environment.
  • We promote the importance of health and fitness for a life time.
  • We will bring out the champion in your child!

Our program includes:

  • Weekly Classes
  • “Skills of the session”
  • Nutrition Education
  • Special Events

CrossFit Kids is designed for EVERY child to have fun with movement. As you watch your child grow in ability and confidence, you will also see them learn that hard work results in success.

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