CrossFit Endurance and Running

Welcome to the CrossFit Crescent endurance program!   Are you an endurance athlete who loves to run, swim, or bike?  Perhaps you are a CrossFit athlete looking to improve your Aerobic Capacity so you can crush the 12+ minute WODs?  Are you looking to change up your fitness routine?  Our CrossFit Endurance classes are for you!

Coach Jaala kills a long run and loves endurance

Coach Jaala killing a long run

We know Amman, Jordan does not have the best places to run
On Thursdays, you can expect an interval workout on the track mixed with body weight movements. On Saturdays, you can expect a longer time domain workout (20-45 min AMRAP, for example) focusing on developing aerobic capacity. This is a more CrossFit-like workout, but will always include a running component.
Monthly we will get out into nature and do a challenging longer workout!
 During our first session we will test your current level of fitness with a few different endurance-focused challenges, so come prepared to have fun and do some work!  Hope to see you this Thursday, November 17th!  We are preparing a team to compete at the Dead 2 Red race schedule for March 2017!

Location and Time

Beginning on Thursday, November 17, we will be running endurance-oriented classes two times a week. The classes will take place Thursday nights at the Amman Baccalaureate School from 6:00-7:30pm, and Saturday mornings from 10:00-11:00am at CFC.
Coach Jaala Kayaking


Classes are a part of your CFC Membership- however, to use the ABS track each person will need to pay 3JD per session.  Saturdays there is no extra cost at CFC.

Coach Jaala

Jaala loves anything that has to do with fitness and the outdoors! She has been a two time CrossFit Regional Athlete- 2010 Southwest and 2011 Asia- so she knows how to train and compete!  These days, she competes in endurance races like the Endeavor Team Challenge which is a 30 hour Endurance event and the GO RUCK Selection which is 48 hours.  She also loves rock climbing and mountaineering. Growing up as a swimmer and a runner, she ended up competing in both sports in college. Later she coached swimming in the Olympic Training System in China, and coached track and volleyball in Micronesia. In addition to coaching endurance sports, Jaala has been coaching CrossFit for over 8 years now and owned her own box for 3 years!
Endeavor Jaala
To see your body and life transformed at Crossfit Crescent, it all starts in our Essentials Program If you’d like to learn more and experience it personally, call us to take the next step at 079-722-8865