Boxing with Tawfeeq Dalu

Coach Osama with Tawfeeq Dalu training him in boxing

New Sports

Boxing and CrossFit go hand in hand.  Remember Coach Glassman said in his 100 word definition of Fitness- “…regularly learn and play new sports.”  With your foundation of CrossFit, now you are ready for a new sport!


Boxing is a combat sport that teaches an individual how to throw punches offensively and how to defend from an attack. It is very simple for beginners to learn. The moment you start training you will learn to strike and defend.

The skills & techniques help increase muscular strength and cardio endurance. We will also take your core strength to another level!  There is a big focus on physical conditioning, which will develop strength, speed, and stamina. We will reinforce your agility, coordination, and balance.

Lots of people learn these skills for self-defence, weight loss, better stamina and strength, and simply for the fun of it. The skills are taught so regularly that it becomes second nature.

CrossFit Crescent- Amman, Jordan

Here at CFC, our own Coach Osama Al Fayez will be guiding you through your training. Osama is a former National Boxing Federation athlete, with lots of experience in  training and competing. He will get you set for the goal you seek for, whether its competing, fun, or simple self-defense.  We wanted to add a simple and effective sport to supplement our CrossFit Classes.  


CFC Members- 10 Pack = 45JD

Non CFC Members- 12 sessions per month for 85JD


Schedule- Monday, Wednesday, Saturday – 7:45-8:45pm