CrossFit Programming for 2018- Crescent

CrossFit Programming Plan for 2018

Congratulations on finishing the Crescent CrossFit Open Intramural 2018 for all of you who participated! It was challenging, rewarding, and lots of fun!  Many people had personal records and did new skills they’d never done before.  We’re so excited to see the results of all your hard work over the last year.  Many of you went from our Essentials Program in this last year to competing in the Open this year- that’s amazing and courageous and we’re super proud of you!   Now’s its time to turn our attention to the CrossFit programming of our classes for 2018.Crossfit Crescent 18.4

CrossFit Assessments

We wanted to take the time to explain what the next two weeks will look like as we finish the CrossFit Open.  We are going to be setting benchmark scores in strength, skills, and conditioning.  These scores will help yourself and your coaches know what are your strengths and weaknesses and give us all insight into what to focus on in the rest of 2018!  So make sure you attend classes these next two weeks!

Since July 2017- CrossFit Crescent has followed the programming of Ben Bergeron through his work on Comptrain.  We will continue to follow his CrossFit programming in our classes.  Throughout the year, we will focus training through (5) training cycles.  Each cycle is designed to build upon the last, but there is no need to ever go and start at the beginning. New members will jump right in, and stay current with our classes. In every week, we will continue towards the larger goal towards being the “three-headed player” (Strength, Skills, Conditioning), with our training cycles below providing specific progressions, instructions, and programming towards five unique skill sets.

“Silverback”    (April – May)

Foundational strength. Silverback aims to lay the groundwork for the season, incorporating squat wave training, overhead strength, and a focus on simply moving better through varied influx of positioning drills.

“Grunt Work”    (May – August) 


Crushing the Deadlifts of 18.4

Taking our foundation from Silverback to the next level. Here we aim to build stamina strength into our weekly progressions, building capacity through barbell cycling, stamina squat sessions, and unilateral dumbbell work to improve positioning and correct imbalances.

“Barbell Ninja”   (August – October)

Taking out base of strength and stamina to a focus of Olympic speed. A targeted progression not just towards lifting new personal bests on the clean and jerk and snatch, but a focus to dial in mechanics and technique on the Olympic lifts. Olympic accessory work with dedicated clean and jerk / snatch days.

“Gymnasty”    (November – December)

Improving body awareness and honing in on movement stamina and quality. Progressions towards the ring muscle-up, bar muscle-up, handstand pushup, and more. A focused progression towards improving our body movement through space.

“Racehorse”    (January – February)

Open preparation. Inspired by the internal focus of the racehorse. Dialing in conditioning and targeted skill refinement for the movements tested in the Open.

We’re looking forward to an awesome 2018 of progress in our health, fitness, and character!  The Programming of our classes is a small but important part of your journey.  Remember to focus on your nutrition, set the right goals, and continue to focus on your weaknesses!  This is also a great time sign up for our 2018 Vitality Challenge starting April 7th!

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