Everything within CrossFit is measured.  When we complete a CHIPPER WOD, we record the time it takes to execute all of the movements at the prescribed repetition scheme.  This allows us to calculate our average power output, and over time, measure our work capacity.  Nutrition is no different.  In order to maximize our output, we should […]

What about supplements, Fish oil, what do I eat before a workout, after a workout, protein, creatine- there’s lots of questions to be answered.  We’ve got you covered! Do you recommend any supplements? A couple supplements can definitely help you make faster improvement in your strength and body composition. But before we talk about them, read […]

If we can fuel your body properly, you will feel and look great.   We view nutrition as the base of fitness.   But exactly how can we best help you do this?  Well, first you may need some help understand the basics of nutrition for life and for CrossFit.  You may have heard of […]

Some days meal prep is not possible or simply you’re too sore, tired or busy to prepare food. As a result, during the day at work most of you order food in for lunch each day. We want to give you some great options to order your food. It’s healthy, delicious, affordable, and their service […]