Amman Runner’s Guide


Relocating to a new city is full of challenges, and when you’re a runner, finding good running routes is one of the major ones! That’s why we’ve created this guide to help ease you into running in and around Amman.

Within these pages you will find: general guidelines for running in Amman, a few of our favorite running locations and loops, a list of running races in the country, and a list of local clubs that hold informal runs on a regular basis.

Out on the roads, there is fitness and self-discovery and the persons we were destined to be.” – George Sheehan

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  • Guidelines for Safety, Climate, Clothing, Animals, Facilities and more

For the 8 best locations to run in Amman we provide you with this information:

  1. Google Map running routes
  2. Surface and Terrain
  3. Ease of travel to/from
  4. Distance from 7th Circle
  5. Parking
  6. When to run
  7. Scenery and more!

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