10 Keys to CrossFit Crescent’s World-Class Gym

  1. High Ceilings: Our 6 meter ceilings give our facility a more spacious look, allowing abundant space and required height for important CrossFit movements— Wall Balls, Rope Climbs, and Rings to name a few!
  2. Running Space: We have fantastic footpaths that lead to a small neighborhood behind our property.  There is no traffic, the neighborhood is private, and we’ll have an obstacle course coming soon!  Don’t underestimate the importance of running!  Rowing and jump rope is not a substitute for running!
  3. Convenient Location: We picked 8th Circle as a convenient place for our athletes and their families- whether before, during, or after work!
  4. Functional, clean, classy shower facilities with lockers: Nice washrooms are especially important for our morning and lunch CrossFitters, who usually have to head to work after the workout and don’t have time to head home again for a shower.
  5. Free Parking: We have abundant parking in front of and beside our property available for our members.
  6. Adequate Square Meters: Our 700 square meter facility easily handles two simultaneous classes of up to 18 athletes, all the while leaving enough space for two or three coaches to run one-on-one personal training sessions.
  7. Office Space For Consultations- our upstairs office is available for sports therapy consults, nutritional consultations and in depth fitness education.
  8. Natural Light: Nobody wants to train in a facility that feels like a dungeon. We have tons of windows and natural light, which keeps our facility bright.
  9. Equipment: Our American made equipment is exactly what you need!  Our rubber mats with super hard concrete floors allow you to work as hard as possible without worry about tripping or damaging the ground.
  10. Canopy and Astroturf Outside:A perfect place for outdoor WODS, Mobility classes, or catching up after a workout. Our canopy protects from the harsh summer sun, and provides privacy. Its also become a great place for us to host fun social events which are the glue that holds our community together.

Additionally- for our athletes who want to maintain a discrete presence, we have a fence around our outdoor area and have time and space for women only classes indoors.